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International Relations Office

 Tamara Mechurchlishvili, Head

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 Tamara Mechurchlishvili
 M. Aleksidze Str., Tbilisi, 0160, Georgia
  (+995 32) 220 65 20 (317)

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Call for applications Erasmus+ ICM 2021-2022/Convocatoria Erasmus+Movilidad Internacional 2021-2022

FIELD: Political sciences and civics


Teaching Staff  (1 place)
Relaciones Internacionales (Derecho, Ciencias Políticas, Economía)
Only for
Contact Person: Tamara Mechurchlishvili (
Academic Requeriments:
   The objective of the mobility period is teaching a minimum of 8 hours in a period of 5 working days in the format of regular classes, seminars, congresses or tutorials (eg. to doctoral students). It is also possible to combine teaching and training activities (eg. job shadowing, observation periods). In this case, the minimum teaching should be 4 hours.

A minimum level of English B2 is required
1 place
5 days